Romanello Rubina

Rubina Romanello

Rubina Romanello is Senior Assistant Professor of Management (Tenured-track) (RtdB) at the University of Trieste (Italy). She holds the courses of Business and Management (BS) and Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MS). Over the years, she has been teaching International Business-related courses in various Italian universities, such as University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Free University of Bozen and Catholic University of Sacred Heart (Milan), and lecturing in international universities, such as University of Kent and University of Reading. 

She holds a PhD in Business Science from the University of Udine with a doctoral thesis on the international growth strategies of early internationalizing firms. Her mainstream research fields are International Business (e.g., SME internationalization, international competitiveness, public support and firm performance), International Entrepreneurship (e.g., born globals, early and rapid internationalization, comparative entrepreneurship), and Technology Management (e.g., Industry 4.0, digital technologies, servitization strategies). From the methodological perspective, she is expert of qualitative and mixed-method studies, and literature reviews (systematic literature reviews, integrative reviews).

She has published in journals such as Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, British Food Journal, Journal of Knowledge Management, Critical Perspectives on International Business, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, Global Business Review, and others. Her works have been presented in national and international management conferences, such as European International Business Academy, Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference, European Academy of Management. She is affiliated with the European International Business Academy, Academy of International Business, Società Italiana Management, European Management Academy, e Società Italiana Marketing. She is currently member of the Editorial Review Board of International Journal of Consumer Studies and European Journal of International Management.

Orcid: 0000-0002-3344-165X.

Office hours: Upon appointment - Room 3.5, Building D, Piazzale Europa Campus or MsTeams.

Other responsibilities in the department

Delegata alla comunicazione del DEAMS - Delegate for DEAMS communication. 

Membro della commissione paritetica docenti (componente docente) - Member of Students-Professor Joint Committee. 

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