Admission Tests to Bachelor Degree Programs in Economia e Gestione Aziendale and Economia Internazionale e Mercati Finanziari - Academic year 2021 – 2022 (May 25th, 2021)

Announcement: enrollment in TEST TOLC-E e ENGLISH TOLC-E (May 25th, 2021)
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The DEAMS - Department of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics will hold the first session of its tests TOLC-E (degree programs in Italian) and ENGLISH TOLC-E (degree programs in English) on May 25th at 10:30 a.m. The tests will be held through TOLC@CASA, remotely from the candidate’s own home and computer devices.

To be admitted to the TOLC test, candidates must register online at page:

The TOLC@CASA test is structured in the same pattern as the traditional TOLC

Students with disabilities and/or learning disabilities shall have to register for TOLC@CASA and immediately then after at least 10 days before the test shall have to apply for special services at the University of Trieste, in order to arrange for specific aiding devices or support established by law. Enquiries and applications must be sent to Uffici dei Servizi d’Ateneo at, or by telephone +39 040 558 2570/7663.

DEAMS will hold other two TOLC@CASA tests on July 13th and on September 13th 2021. Further two TOLC “in presence” tests will be held on September 15th and October 5th, conditioned on the prevailing general epidemiological situation and on the health/social measures taken by Governmental and Regional authorities.

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