Business English (2008-2009)

Academic Year of the Course: 
Business English
Teaching staff: 
Iulia Daniela Negru
Course Outlines: 
COURSE STRUCTURE Course activities will include: • Talks designed around business topics • Power Point and lecture presentations • Exercises for reading, writing, grammar
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Lingua inglese
These are the main points we will cover during the semester: Grammar topics 1. Tenses (past, present, future, conditionals) 2. Irregular verbs 3. Noun formation 4. Adjectives – Degrees of Comparison 5. Relative pronouns 6. Modal Verbs 7. Definite and indefinite articles The grammar topics and some exercises will be available on the Faculty of Economicy website. Please download them and do the exercises. Contact me or your lector Anna Czaky for questions, feedback and correction. These are general Conversation topics that you are expected to know: Communicative Skills: 1. Expressing preference and opinion 2. Expressing likes and dislikes 3. Presenting yourselves 4. Telephone conversations 5. Asking for information/ Answering queries 6. Careers and jobs. Job interviews Business Vocabulary: 1. Jobs and Employment 2. Running Meetings 3. Preparing an Agenda 4. Numbers 5. Addresses and directions 6. Company structure and hierarchy 7. Negotiations Writing: 1. Reports 2. Letters, faxes, emails 3. Cover letters 4. Curriculum Vitae – European Format 5. Agendas
Recommended Texts: 
RESOURCES/REFERENCES: Recommended textbooks: 1. The Business Upper Intermediate. Macmillan, OUP 2. Emmerson, P 2002. Business Grammar Builder. Oxford, Macmillan Publishers Limited 3. Macmillan English Dictionary 4. Oxford Dictionary of Business English Internet: BBC EXAM The exam will assess the topics and subjects presented during the course. The details of the exam will be presented at the end of the course. For any questions, do not hesitate to write. Prof.(a contratto) Daniela Iulia Negru
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