Students' wellbeing


DEAMS works for the well-being of the people who study and work within it. The Department has set up several initiatives exclusively for its students.

The Student's Wellbeing Tutor 


The Student Wellbeing Tutor is a student who offers to listen to any student who feels like or needs to talk to someone, or is experiencing difficulties in their studies (e.g. in relation to psychological well-being, university life or study method). Any exchange will remain confidential.

More information HERE. 



Rooms for students


There are several areas exclusively for students: 

- a relax room equipped with poufs and a refreshment area (e.g. tables, microwave oven) in the basement (Building D)

- a study room with a sea view on the fifth floor (Building D), where there are also blackboards and photocopiers for student use

- noisy study room on the -1 floor (Building D).


Further services are available in the Campus.


Allowances, canteens, transports, and health services.

Useful services, also in relation to disability and dyslexia..

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