For graduation dates, please see the attachment under the name "Calendario Lauree" at the end of this page.

Registration for degree appointments and relating changes must comply with the dates indicated in the following link.

You will find all the relevant information about graduations on the online page Laurearsi of the university website.



Bachelor degree courses: bachelor degree courses require to take an exam before the proclamation date (consult the attachment "Calendario lauree"). Information about date and location will be given by the departmental office. The undergraduate MUST be present at the proclamation in order to earn the degree. The graduation is official only after the proclamation.


Master degree courses: in master degree courses the final exam and the proclamation take place on the same day. Information about date and location will be given by the departmental office.

For any specific question about how to register or change the application for graduation please contact the Career Service



Read the guidelines for details and to have access to the list of photographers provided by the university. If you wish to have an external photographer, you must fill in the form and send it by email to the departmental secretariat:



Extra points for speed apply to bachelor degrees only and they are calculated automatically if the candidate meets the requirements (see the attachment regolamento tesi di laurea triennale at the end of the page).


FAQ: Graduation

  • How do I change or cancel my degree application after the deadline? Contact the Career Office by e-mail:  
  • How do I change the title of the thesis after the deadline? Contact the Career Office by e-mail: 
  • Who should I hand in my thesis to? It is mandatory to send your thesis to your supervisor (and also to the teacher board) and, only for master degreesyou must upload the thesis as indicated here. 
  • Where can I find the dates set by the teacher boards both for bachelor and master degrees graduations and for the final examination? Date and venue will be communicated by the departmental teaching secretariat in the “AVVISI DAL DIPARTIMENTO" section on the departmental homepage It is highly recommended to contact your supervisor in any case. 
  • I plan to graduate in the autumn or special session, do I have to pay the first registration fee for the new academic year? If you intend to graduate in the autumn or special session, do NOT pay the first registration fee for the new academic year. If you graduate the fee will be automatically cancelled; if you do not graduate you can still enrol as indicated on the Fee Notice.
  • I have graduated, who should I request my degree certificate to? You must contact the Career Office by email, indicating: 1) which certificate you want among those available; 2) why you are requesting the certificate; 3) who it is intended for; 4) whether it is needed in Italian or English. 




You can find the following documents below:  

  • degree calendar
  • regulations for bachelor degrees
  • form for speed bonus
  • a powerpoint on how to write a thesis (both bachelor and master's degrees)
  • guidelines on how to develop a master's degree thesis
  • front cover with logo (editable)
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