Seminario "Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Management, Creativity of cooperative learning of firms"

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09/05/2019 - 15:00
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09/05/2019 - 18:00
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Relatore: prof. Michael Steiner, Università di Graz (AT)


Who is an entrepreneur? And what features and characteristics make a person entrepreneurial? Different definitions and approaches are given at the beginning for both kind of questions.

In a second part material and especially immaterial dimensions of clusters are explored to gain insights into forms and mechanisms of knowledge management and learning within clusters. Based on theories of (organizational) learning systems of learning and their particular forms at the cluster level are empirically investigated. The prevalence of ongoing learning processes indicates the importance of institutional arrangements such as clusters for the generation of knowledge.

Furthermore the concept of creativity as a form of entrepreneurial and firm behavior is reconsidered. After a short review of existing approaches and concepts new ways of defining creative industries are suggested: the trans-sectoral character of creativity: it is not sectors per se that are creative per se; and that creativity has to be conceived along a continuum. On the basis of different characteristics of activities, products and services of firms, an index of creativity ranging from not creative to very creative is developed and explored with a tentative empirical approach.

This leads finally to new options for future research and for the analysis of spatial differences as well as to a new approach for policies in support of creativity.


DEAMS - Via dell'Università n. 1, Sala atti - Primo piano


DEAMS - prof.ssa Stefania Patrizia Sonia Rossi 

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