Laboratories and extra-curricular activities



In addition to the teachings offered in the degree courses, the Department organises curricular workshops and extra-curricular teaching activities for students who can then freely choose to attend some of these teachings offered across all degree courses.

Laboratories and extra-curricular activities are highlighted in the NEWS/ALERTS and on deams4students


For several years, DEAMS has been obtaining and using POT funds (Piani per l'Orientamento e il Tutorato) to organise seminars and workshops aimed at transferring competences and soft skills, aspects that are considered increasingly relevant by companies and recruiters. In addition to being used to finance tutoring activities, POT funds make it possible to organise very specific teaching activities by attracting lecturers also from foreign universities, with specific competences and long teaching experience on the topics covered in both academic and higher education. The person responsible for the receipt and use of the funds is Prof. Paola Rossi


Depending on the type, activities can be considered curricular or extra-curricular, give access to CFUs or digital certificates.


Three main types can be distinguished:


1) Laboratories (curricular) 

Supplementary teaching activities for courses included in the curriculum.

Curricular Workshops 2023 (Examples)


2) Seminars

Seminar lectures organised by DEAMS lecturers or invited lecturers from other universities (national or international) or research institutes. They do not give entitlement to certificates or CFUs, but have a purely didactic purpose. They are usually organised to deal with a specific topic or a particular approach, but also to conduct concentrated lectures aimed at training very specific skills.

Seminars 2023 (Examples)


3) Open Badge

Courses at the end of which the attending student will obtain a digital certificate of disciplinary knowledge (internationally recognised) that can be emphasized in the CV. More information available HERE. 

Open Badge 2023 (Examples)


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