English Test for Admission to English degree programmes

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The selection test for the degree programme courses Business and Management and  Economics and Financial Markets is a written-based test and includes the following:


2 listening and comprehension exercises

1)    5 multiple choice questions  (A/B/C)


2)    10 sentences to complete after listening to the information given

3 reading and comprehension exercises

1)    10 multiple choice questions  (A/B/C)


2)    5 multiple choice questions  (A/B/C)


3)    5 multiple choice questions  (A/B/C)

1 writing exercise

Writing a letter on the basis of  a topic and information that will be provided. Max. length: 100 words


Testing time:  1,5 hours


Students are not required to register for the test, as it is a basic requirement for admission to the English language degree programmes.


Students who are enrolled in the second or third year but have not passed the previous English tests may also take the English test.


The test will take place in room 2 A, Building H3, in Piazzale Europa, 1

on Thursday October 15th, 2015 at 11:00 a.m.

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